Monday, March 7, 2016

Under - Hugh's Photo Challenge (Week 15)

This week's photo challenge theme is UNDER. Participants are take or choose a picture previously taken that shows an object, person, or something that is under something else.  Here is my entry for this week:

What is this, you ask?  The above picture is my point of view looking down as my husband and I stood on the glass floor of the Willis Tower's Skydeck Ledge with Chicago's South Wacker Drive 1,353 feet under us. 
The picture below shows another view of  my husband and I on the Skydeck Ledge.

Have you stood on The Ledge?  How did you feel?  I had a very difficult time the first time I did it, but it was much easier the second (when the above photo was taken).  Thanks for stopping by.

Linking up with Hugh @ Hugh's Views and News.

1 comment:

  1. I'd rather you than me standing on that glass deck, Ericka, but they are amazing photos.
    Thank you for participating. I'm frightened of heights so don't have any experiences I like to think about when talking about the subject. Even when in an airplane, I sit well away form the window.


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