Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What Makes Me Feel Peaceful - Back to Blogging Challenge


Pretty much anything performed by trumpeter Chris Botti, but his version of "Hallelujah" is one of my favorites

Listening to the symphony of spring peepers in the mountains

Having no set time to wake up

The quiet stillness of a house before everyone begins to stir

The ting-ting-ting of rain on a metal roof

Time spent on a river

Starry skies

The soothing sound of my mother's wind chimes

Being in the Appalachian Mountains of southern West Virginia

The ocean


The warm autumn sun on my face

Being still, silent, and present in the present

Rubbing my dog's velvety ears

"These Are the Days" by Van Morrison

What are some things that make you feel peaceful?  Please feel free to share!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. you're lucky to be so close to the appalacians! i'd be hiking/running there all the time (assuming there are running trails there?)

  2. Having no alarm in the morning is the definition of peace, yes! Waking up to that rain on a roof, even better :)

    The song "Hallelujah" gets me every time, but that trumpet rendition was something else. Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for joining the challenge :)

  3. I love this, I've always wanted to visit The Appalachians. And the quietness before everyone starts to stir in the morning is one of my favourite times of day, it's nice to be alone and not really be alone.

  4. rain on a metal roof is the best. i love the sound of rain. i love anything by van morrison!

  5. Yes for Van Morrison!

    Thanks for the intro to that version of Hallelujah.

    I love a still house as well.

  6. Lots of good things there. I like being in the house on my own, always quiet and peaceful.

  7. Many things that are making me nod my head. Any visit I've made to mountain regions (the Rockies and the Alps) have made me feel peaceful. I enjoy windchimes as well.

  8. Decluttering is a good one - I never realized how peaceful I've felt after a good purge of clothes, shoes and general crap. And sleeping in with no alarm is the best especially after a long work week.

  9. Oh I adore having no set wake up time!!!! It is one most my fav things and I go to sleep better when I know I don't have to stress about getting up early for something #mg

  10. Being near any body of water, sunshine on my face, and no alarm clock are all things that make me feel peaceful too! I don't remember the last time I was in the mountains but I can imagine how peaceful it would be :)


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