Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Humpday Confessions (Vol. 5)

Picture people sitting in a circle of folding chairs at a 12-Step meeting.  A forty-something gal with long brown hair starts to speak.

Me (aka "forty-something gal with long brown hair"):  "Hello.  My name is Ericka."
Group (in unison): "Hello, Ericka."
Me:  "I am a binge watcher."

Yes, people, I confess.  I am a binge watcher.
I can go weeks and weeks an only actively watch 3-4 hours of TV a week. During the summer when I am off work and home during the day, it's not uncommon for the TV to stay off until my husband arrives home from work that evening.  Honestly, I'm not much of a TV watcher anymore.  I've never seen an episode of The Office and I've only seen a few random episodes of The Big Bang Theory.  I would have a hard time rattling off more than 6 currently syndicated prime time shows.  But, when I do find a show that I like, I can't watch in moderation.  9 times out of 10, I binge.
Over the past 2 years, with the help of Netflix, On Demand, and Amazon Prime, I've binged on Sons of Anarchy, the first season of True Detective, the first season of The Affair, and Breaking Bad.

My most recent binge has been with the Showtime series, Shameless, which showcases the fictional and highly dysfunctional Gallagher family who hails from Chicago's south side.  If you've never watched it, beware!  It truly is like a train wreck (you don't want to see it, but it's so hard to look away...).
I polished off the first 5 seasons (60 episodes) in 10 days and got myself caught up so I could pick up with new season that premiered Sunday night.  
Sixty episodes.  S-I-X-T-Y.  Each episode is between 45-60 minutes, so that equals 45 to 60 mind numbing hours of TV viewing.
So, I'm now all caught up and have to wait, yes - wait until Sunday for the next episode.
Well, it's probably for the best, otherwise this could be me in the not so distant future.

Any fellow binge watchers out there?  What shows have you binged on? Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I am a big, fat binge watcher. In fact, just yesterday after the State of the Union, when they aired the House of Cards trailer, my husband looked at me and said "We're going to tear that show up". Because he gets it.

    The last show I binge watched from start to finish in a single weekend was Making a Murderer. I had binged on Narcos and got derailed; still have a few left to finish. And in the queue: Kimmy Schmidt, Bloodline, OITNB, a rewatching of FNL and The Wire, and a show yet TBD because there are too many choices and too many I want to see.

  2. I used to watch Shameless, I should go back to it.

    I've binge watched The Fall, the entire Sopranos series (I had watched most when it first aired), Orange is the New Black, Sons of Anarchy, and a few others. I like to watch shows from beginning to end!

  3. hahaha this is hilarious. i rarely watch tv, but when i do, i binge. its been awhile since i've watched a tv show though, i need a new binge! i was thinking of watching all of doctor who again, or watching downton abbey from the start and then the new season right before it ends. because i despise waiting.

  4. I am the same exact way. Like normally I rarely even watch TV. But when I find that one show that peeks my interest, I can get through seasons so quickly, it's crazy! I'm totally doing that with Vampire Diaries right now, it's so addicting!

  5. I'm 1000% guilty of binge watching TV! My husband binged SOA and then he rewatched it with me because he loved it so much! We were watching Making A Murderer, but didn't quite binge on that because we haven't had the time. Sometimes when a show is that good, you just have to binge.

  6. I don't really watch tv much anymore. The last full series I watched was Dexter. I mean that wasn't THAT long ago, but somewhere in the last few years, I just haven't committed myself to a show. I don't have anything Netflix-y. BUT. If I was going to binge watch shows from recent years, I'd watch SOA, the 1st season of True Detective, and Making a Murderer.


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