Friday, May 25, 2018

My Happy List - What's Up Weekend Vol. 5

It's been one of those weeks.  

And when I say "one of those weeks," I assume you get the idea of what kind of week it's been.  It's been busy, demanding, somewhat emotional, and mentally taxing.    

So, I figured that a positive, upbeat post is in order to help me maintain perspective and to help me not get bogged down by all the negative things that I've dealt with.  Here are five things that made me happy this week:

1) On Wednesday, we had a retirement celebration after school for the speech pathologist who retired in October, the speech pathologist whom I replaced.  I know retiring  was a hard decision for her to make and that she misses it dearly, but I'm so very thankful she did retire.  Transferring to Simpsonville has been life changing for me.

2) On Thursday, I attended a second retirement celebration, but this one was at my former school, Heritage Elementary.  It was in  honor of the custodian and two teachers whom I had worked with my entire career up until I transferred in November.  

The celebration was almost like a mini reunion and not only did I see former coworkers who still work there, but also former coworkers who have retired in previous years.  For a few precious minutes that afternoon, as we talked, laughed, and reminisced about old times, it felt like being home.  I'm so thankful to have been a part of the Heritage story.

3) My grandpa celebrated his 86th birthday over the weekend.  This was an extra special milestone because earlier this month, he underwent quintuple heart bypass.  He's currently in a residential rehabilitation center and is, according to my mom, doing his therapy like a champ!

4) My roommate at work and I found out (officially) that we don't have to move rooms next year!  No packing for us!  Hallelujah!  

5) Today is the last day of school for kids and, after today, I only have one more workday left in my contract year.  I'm therapy-ed out, paperworked out, IEP-ed out, graphed out, talked out, and worn out.  I'm ready for a much needed break from being a speech pathologist.

I hope this finds you having a great Friday and may you have an even better weekend!  Before you leave, leave a comment and tell me something that made you happy this week.  


  1. Simpsonville? Oh my. Is it near Springfield?

  2. Happy school's-just-about-out!

    And finding out you DON'T have to move is one of the best things.

    1. Thank you! Same to you! Yes, not having to move is FAB-U-LOUS!

  3. Hooray for being out for the summer! That must feel AMAZING to be able to not worry about school for a little while!

  4. Hey girl!
    How are ya?! Long time no see.

    All the celebrating and the mini reunion as a result sound fun. You must also be so thrilled you’re out for the summer and can enjoy some down time. :)

    Wow, 86 eh? That’s amazing! :)

    Hope you’re enjoying your week hun.


    1. I'm doing well! Yes, it has been awhile. You know how it goes - life! LOL! I am VERY happy to be out for summer break. Yes, he just turned 86 and my grandmother will turn 85 in July!


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