Thursday, July 30, 2015

Guilty Pleasures 1.4 - My Top 20 GP Songs

If someone asked me, "Hey, Ericka, what have you been listening to lately?" I could easily rattle off the last dozen audiobooks that I've listened to without hesitation.  Chances are, however, that they wouldn't be asking about audiobooks, but rather about music.  My answer would then be, "Whatever shuffles up on my iPhone or is playing on the classic rock station."  Yeah, for the most part my music listening preferences are still stuck in the 20th century.

So, I must warn you, my guilty pleasure song list is going to seriously date me. These aren't necessarily my favorite songs, but they are songs that I really like and might not be willing to readily admit to just anyone.  You gotta promise not to laugh.  Oh, and a little FYI - unlike my previous guilty pleasure posts, these are in no particular order.

(Click on the song title and it will direct you to the YouTube video.  I assume no responsibility for the quality of the videos nor do I know how long each video will be active on YouTube.)

Into the Groove - Madonna

Till the World Ends - Britney Spears

You Dropped a Bomb on Me - The Gap Band

Return of the Mack - Mark Morrison

Last Christmas - Wham!

Girls, Girls, Girls - Motley Crue

Suspicious Minds - Dwight Yoakam

MMMBop - Hanson

September - Earth, Wind, and Fire

Poison - Alice Cooper

I Like It - Enrique Iglesias (ft. Pit Bull)

You're the One that I Want - John Travolta and Olivia Newton John

One Night in Bangkok - Murray Head

I Was Made for Dancin' - Leif Garrett

Your Love - The Outfield

Evacuate the Dancefloor - Cascada

Down - Jay Sean (ft. Lil Wayne)

Cryin' - Vixen

Shut Up and Dance - Walk the Moon

So, there ya have it...  Remember, you promised not to laugh!  Ah, that's OK.  I have broad shoulders, I can handle it.  LOL!  

What songs do you consider as guilty pleasures?  Feel free to comment below. Thanks for stopping by!

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