Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tuesday Topics - Two Holiday Flicks and One Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

I must admit that I do love me some Christmas movies, which I'm assuming today's topic, Holiday Flicks, is inferring to.  After some careful contemplation, I've whittled down my favorites list to two.  Basically, I asked myself, "If I were stranded on a deserted island but had access to a device that would allow me to watch movies, which two Christmas movies would I want on the island.  I chose:

I know most people find A Christmas Story annoying, but I absolutely love it.  I love the simplicity of it, the nostalgia, and it reminds me of when I first saw it when I was a kid.  As for Home Alone 2, I think NYC at Christmas is absolutely stunning with all the decorations and lights, so I thoroughly enjoy the New York scenes in the movie.

As for my favorite Thanksgiving dish, it is hands down, no contest, my grandmother's turkey and dumplings, which I don't have a picture of so I'm improvising with these:

What are two of your favorite holiday movies and your favorite holiday dish?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. There's so much wrong with that meme.

    Anyway, all the Christmas movies either suck or have fallen victim to repeat viewings. But I like the Peanuts and Grinch TV specials.

    I tend to spend the holiday alone, so there's no special meal. But I usually get a bottle of Kahlua.

    1. why do you tend to spend the holiday alone, e-man? this makes me sad.

      but since you're getting the kahlua, grab a bottle of baileys and tito's vodka, too. an ounce of each of those with an ounce of kahlua, too, on rocks is a wonderful thing.

  2. i have yet to see a christmas story in its entirety and have never seen home alone two.

    my favorite holiday flicks are the family stone and hallmark's the christmas ornament (it's cheesy as shit, but i love the story).

    and my favorite thanksgiving dish is blueberry banana cream pie (but we're not having it this year.)


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