Monday, February 8, 2016

Memes That Say EXACTLY What I'm Thinking (Vol. 2)

Welcome to my second installment of "Memes That Say EXACTLY What I'm Thinking!"  I honestly didn't expect to have collected enough memes for another entry so soon after my initial entry on January 25.  However, after sorting through my pictures on my phone last night, I discovered that I did.  So, here we go...

100% truth!

Seriously, I've had a bad case of bed head here lately.


ANYONE who has kids in the house can relate!

This is the story of my husband and I...

Please take note...  LOL!

Hear, hear!

Anyone else out there suffer from this affliction?

Seriously, where did the weekend go?  LOL!

Hoping that Monday treats you kind and that the week does the same!  As always, thanks for stopping by!


  1. I feel the need to buy things when bad weather is coming. It's like ingrained or something.

    1. I do, too... That's how my husband and I ended up with 4 loaves of bread during the last snowstorm!

  2. haha i totally feel the need to buy things when bad weather is coming as well. also, yes to the deciding where to eat. i'm always like 'i don't care' but then i shoot down all the options and KC gets mad, but i'm like.. i'm helping make a decision by saying what i don't want.

    1. I'm right there with you. It's the age old question... LOL!

  3. I like the WebMD one. I'm in the mood of hating people right now. I know. Sounds bad. I'm just easily annoyed with rudeness and idiocy at the moment. I think a drink on a beach alone would be a fantastic cure.


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