Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Humpday Confessions (Vol. 6)

I confess...  I’m in a funk.

I confess...  This isn't my first rodeo with the funk, for the funk and I go way back.  The funk visits me every year shortly after New Year's,  once all the merriment of the holiday season is depleted and the days turn gray and bleak. Like a short stint in jail, this funky state will not last forever.  In the meantime I just have to do my time and wait for spring to come.

I confess...  Reading/audiobook listening has been a chore lately.  I’ve had a hard time staying interested and maintaining my focus.  I’m blaming this on the funk.

I confess...  Although my reading/audiobook listening has taken a hit recently, my hours of TV watching soared to new heights.  (This is nothing to brag about, but I'm trying to stay upbeat and positive!)  I estimate that I watched at least 115 hours in January!  I’m blaming my willingness to participate in so many hours of chronic mind numbing on the funk as well.

I confess...  I didn’t take my Christmas tree down until Martin Luther King day.  I simply lacked any gumption what-so-ever to take it down before then.  (And to be honest, I enjoyed the additional light it provided.) This lack of gumption is the funk’s fault.

I confess...  I rarely feel my age or “old,” but last week when I posted about my memories of the space shuttle Challenger disaster, I felt ancient.  Ancient, like pyramids of Egypt ancient.  Stonehenge ancient.  You get the idea, right?  The first 3 comments were from people who weren't born yet or who were infants when the tragedy occurred.  I can't blame this one on the funk.  Father Time is solely to blame for this one.

Anyone else out there suffer from the Winter Funk, too?  If you do, take comfort in knowing that you're not alone and keeping thinking positive thoughts, "Spring will come, spring will come..."  

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  1. I totally get the winter funk too. Especially since my winter is basically cold rain all the time. Ugh!

    1. Hang in there! Spring will come, spring will come!

  2. I missed your Challenger post, but if it makes you feel less ancient I was in third grade when it happened.

    Good luck getting out of your SAD funk. I've upped my Vitamin D and it's helped a lot!

    1. Prime example of my difficulty maintaining focus - I forget to add the link back to my Challenger post! (It has now been edited.) Thank you for stepping up and sharing this ancient feeling with me. LOL!

      Thanks for the well wishes. I appreciate it.

  3. hahaha sorry i was one of the people who commented and was not born yet. but that's okay because the other day my friend's tween asked me why adults say 'roll the windows down' and 'hang up the phone'. i was like shut up go away. haha.
    i get in funks as well. not normally at the start of the year, but randomly. i feel you. don't push the reading or audiobooking, sometimes i just need to give into my funk and lay on the couch and not do anything.

    1. LOL! It's OK. It's just one of those getting older things that, if lucky enough, we all will experience at some point. Joys of aging!

  4. Hey! Don't forget about your fellow blogger who totally remembered watching the Challenger. Old gals unite!! Having dealt with the "funk" before, I can relate. I try to take Vitamin B tablets, drink lots of water, go outside just to breathe in some fresh air a few times a day (even if it is only a minute or two a day...I stop myself from running here to there...stop, breathe, close my eyes, inhale/exhale), eat some fruit. I don't know why these little things help in a small way, but they do. Oh...and I crank Bon Jovi (not from the These Days album though)- Wild in the Streets is a personal pick me up favourite!


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