Saturday, February 6, 2016

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week (Vol. 16)

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  • Watching the Winter X Games.  I don't watch many televised sporting events, but I always watch the Winter X Games.  In my next life, I want to be a snowboarder like Lindsey Jacobellis, Jamie Anderson, or Kelly Clark.
  • I noticed this week that it's staying lighter longer in the evenings. Hallelujah!  I am so over the darkness and gray of this winter!
  • Listening to Colleen Hoover's most recent New Adult novel, November 9.  It's really good!
  • Listening to Zachary Webber, who is one of my two favorite audiobook narrators, narrate November 9.
  • That my husband's cold symptoms, especially his deep, hacking nighttime cough finally subsided this week...  
  • ...and that he kept his cold to himself and didn't share the love.
  • My monthly dinner with some former co-workers/carpool buddies.
  • This week we had one day in the high 60s and one day in the high 50s. It was nice and very welcomed.
  • I have a student who is working on middle consonants (he has a tendency to leave them out in words).  Anyway, Thursday in therapy I gave him the word hatchet to say and it came out sounding like "hat shit."  It took all I had not to make a face or burst out laughing. Apparently, he and I need to work on CH at some point in the future...
  • A phone chat with a friend from college whom I don't see or talk with very often.  It was good to catch up.

Have a wonderful weekend!  As always, thanks for stopping by!


  1. We had one day this week that legit felt like spring; it was beautiful yet so strange and not how winter should be here. Now it's cold again. I'm loving more daylight, too. It's so much nicer have a bit more sunshine after work instead of going to work in the dark and heading home in the dark.

    Have a great weekend Hun! Xo

  2. i was loving the warmer weather and now it's getting colder again. boo. i laughed so hard at hat shit.

    1. I've had several of those little speech funnies over the years. Some are more predictable than others. This, however, was my first time with the hatchet/hat shit substitution! LOL!

  3. I am way over the darkness as well.. I'm happy it's staying lighter later. Warm weather is on it's way.


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