Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sweet - A Review

Already a fan of Tammara Webber's new adult series (Contours of the Heart),  I have eagerly awaited the release of Sweet in audiobook format since back in the spring.  I was not disappointed.

Sweet is the story of two unlikely friends turned lovers whose connection was forged when they were young children.  While growing up in a small barrier island town in Texas, Boyce Winn, a highly misunderstood rebel, and Pearl Torres Frank, a predictable, studious good girl, are constantly aware of and drawn to each other, despite their age difference, different circles of friends, and personality traits.  

The story alternates between Boyce's point of view and Pearl's, while shifting between the present (the summer after Pearl graduated college and returned home) and flashbacks of their childhood and teenage years.  Despite the alternating points of view and shifting back and forth between the present and the past, the flow of the storyline was not impeded.  It was a very easy read.

I liked the main characters as well as the secondary character Sam, a young mechanic who begins working in Boyce's garage.  I felt as if both Boyce and Pearl's personalities were likable and relatable.  Having grown up in a small town myself, I felt as if they could've been classmates of mine.  Boyce's character, in my opinion, absolutely radiated with bad boy sex appeal.  If Boyce Winn had a theme song it would be "Real Good Man" by Tim McGraw.

"Girl, you've never known no one like me
Up there in your high society
They might tell you I'm no good
Girl, they need to understand
Just who I am
I may be a real bad boy
But, baby, I'm a real good man"
(full lyrics here

Since I had read Easy and Breakable, the previous two books in the series, I had a sneaky suspicion of what might happen towards the end and I was correct.  Despite the predictable ending, I still enjoyed the story as a whole.

On a side note, even though Sweet is the third installment in the Contours of the Heart series, it isn't necessary to read Easy and/or Breakable beforehand.  Boyce and Pearl do make appearances in Breakable, so I did feel as if I already had an introduction to their characters.  I liked having that bit of background history, but that's just me.  

It is also worthy to mention that the audiobook format of Sweet is narrated by Christy Romano, who truly nailed Pearl's southern accent, and Zachary Webber, who is my favorite vocal actor.  (Zachary Webber also narrated Breakable Tammara Webber and Grey by E.L. James.) 

I gave Sweet a rating of  ★★★★.

My rating system:
★★★★★ = Awesome!  Good chance I own a print copy
★★★★ = Very good.
★★★ = Good.
★★ = Not good.  I finished it, but did not like.
= Absolutely loathed it!  I may not have even finished it.


  1. Wow. Nice rave review! I've been stalking Easy & Breakable on bookoutlet for ever and now that I've decided I want them, they are gone! But I'm encouraged by your review, so it looks like I'll be getting the ebooks!

    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy them! I would love to know what you think after reading them.


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