Friday, August 21, 2015

Literary Ladies Summer Book Challenge - 2nd Month "Progress Report" (I'M FINISHED!!!)

Today is the second check-in for the Literary Ladies Summer Book Challenge (hosted by Kari @ bykariparker, Kristen @ seeyouinaporridge, and Krystal (aka Kay) @ thekaytimes) and I'm happy to announce that my second summer reading challenge is officially in the books!  
Here is my final list of books that I completed for this challenge. If a book title appears in red, you can click on it and it will direct you to my review of that book. If a title is crossed out, this indicates that I considered that book for that category but ditched it for some reason.

One word title book - Grey by E.L. James 
(576 pgs, 3/5 rating, read 6.21 - 6.26.15)

YA book - Looking for Alaska by John Green 

(221 pgs, 3/5 rating, read 6.27 - 6.29.15)

Book by non US author - A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman 

(368 pgs, 5/5 rating, the author is Swedish, read 7.6 - 7.7.15)

Suspenseful book - The River is Dark by Joe Hart 
(223 pgs, 2/5 rating, read 7.10 - 7.15.15)

Book recommended by a blogger, "Goodreads-er,"  etc. - Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

(272 pgs, 4/5 rating, recommended by my friend Jen @ Goodreads, read 7.16.15)

Book written by comedian or celeb (or memoir) - My Mother was Nuts by Penny Marshall

(326 pgs, 3/5 rating, read 7.27 - 7.28.15)

Book about summer, has summer in title, or is any way related to summer The Summer I Turned Pretty *Update: Sweet by Tammara Webber

(340 pgs, 4/5 rating, *the story takes place during the summer, read 7.29 - 7.31.15)

Book that has been/will be made into a movie/TV showPaper Towns *Update: Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight

(382 pgs, 3/5 rating, *slated to be an HBO movie, read 8.2 - 8.6.15)

Book that has been on my TBR list for 1 year or moreMy Bluegrass Baby *Update: A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

(319 pgs, 4/5 rating, read 8.6 - 8.13.15)

Book w/ a kickass female characterFear Nothing (DD Warren series) by Lisa Gardner
(416 pgs, 4/5 rating, *Detective DD Warren is the epitome of KICKASS!, read 8.13 - 8.20.2015)
10 categories.  
10 books.  
8 1/2 weeks. 
107 hours of listening time. 

Are you participating in the Literary Ladies Summer Book Challenge?  How's your challenge going?  What are your thoughts on reading challenges such as this?  

Feel free to comment below.  I promise, I do not bite.  :)  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Aww yay congrats on finishing!! I actually want to red Grey because I read he trilogy. Did you like it??

    Thanks for linking up :)

    1. Grey was good. I like POV books where the story that I'm already familiar with is told by the other person. Being inside Christian's head was kind of creepy, but very informative. I think I gave it a 3/5 rating.

      Thank you (for the congrats) and you're welcome (for linking up)! Have a great weekend!

  2. congrats on finishing! I have Reconstructing Amelia on my list. I read me talk pretty one day several years ago and enjoyed it, but I ddidn't *love* Looking for Alaska.

    1. Yeah, Looking for Alaska was ok. It didn't really make much of an impression on me either way, so it really falls in the neutral zone.

      Once you have read Reconstructing Amelia, I will be anxious to hear your thoughts on it.

      Have a great weekend!

  3. Congratulations you finished and early at that!! I really like Tammara Webber but I had no idea there was a third book in the Easy series! Adding that to my TBR list. - Heather @ My Little HEA

    1. Thank you! I have only read 3 of Webber's books, but I've been rather impressed by how she writes the men in them. I really liked Lucas/Landon in the first 2 and Boyce Winn (in the 3rd) did not disappoint either. Have a great weekend!

  4. Awesome! I have 4 left, but I think that's pretty good for me. It's been a while since i have been able to make reading a priority. :) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. Congrats on finishing!

    I've been interested in reading a Tammara Webber novel for a while now. Going to pop over to your review and check it out!


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