Friday, December 11, 2015

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week (Vol. 12)

1.  FINALLY getting my Christmas tree up and decorated.  It looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.  <patting myself on back>  LOL!

2.  The fun times I'm having relocating "Tinsel" for my friend at work.
Front and center on the white board. 
Getting a bird's eye view of the classroom.
Playing in an elf-made ball pit
Zip lining
3.  A fellow speech pathologist friend of mine shared this with me.  When evaluating a student, we send home a form called the Social Developmental History for the parents to complete.  It asks questions about the child's development and general milestones.  There is a question on the form that says, "Language/Mode of Communication Used in the Home."  Typical answers we've received over the years include English, Spanish, and every once in a while Sign Language.  Well, my friend got one back from a parent and the response for "Language/Mode of Communication Used in the Home" was, I kid you not, "Normal - no cussin."  That's good to  know!  LOL!  This has made me chuckle on and off all week!

4. My decorated door at work.  (FYI:  I loathe making bulletin boards, so the fact that I decorated my door is a BIG deal.  I really think when my coworkers saw me working on it, that they thought this might be the end of the world as we know it.  LOL! Oh, and yes, I had to cut out a "peephole" so that someone could look into my room if need precautions.  That is the reason for the cut out.) 

5. FINALLY finishing The Fixer by Joseph Finder. Listening to it (audiobook) didn't make me happy at all because the book had... issues, but finishing it made me über happy!

6. My grouping (archery) is getting better. I haven't shot a bow in over 20 years, but since I'm an assistant 3rd grade archery coach, I figured I should practice a little each week after the kids leave. 

7. This Christmas tribute to my favorite Star Wars character: 

8. Teaching my students how to make candy cane ornaments out of pipe cleaners and tri beads.  Every year when I do this, it brings back memories of childhood slumber parties with my best friend from elementary school.  Her mom is the one who taught me how to make these. 

9.  My husband's homemade tacos.  They are the BEST!

10. Listening to Tim Curry's narration of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (audiobook).  His narration was like a performance and breathed life into what I remembering being a tedious little read.

Hoping this finds you doing well!  Happy Friday to you!  Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Your tree DOES look nice. The pat on the back is definitely appropriate. lol
    I love Tinsel zip lining. Lol!!

    Have a great weekend girl xo

  2. I really laughed out loud when I read that yoda carol! hahaha. Your tree looks amazing! Good job! Happy Friday!


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