Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tuesday Topics - Two Letters

Dear Someone I Used to Know,

Your birthday is coming up.  Are you surprised that I remember?  I'm a little surprised myself, given that you only mentioned it once in passing during a conversation many months ago.  Despite the time that has elapsed since that conversation, I still remember.

I know it's been awhile since we've communicated.  There have been many times in which I've wanted to call or text to see how life's been treating you, but I just couldn't.  No, wait, I take that back.  Yes, I could have, but I chose not to. There isn't much left to say, is there?  Such a shame, too, for I vividly remember a time when you and I never ran out of things to say.  Funny how much things can change, isn't it?

Celebrate your birthday.  Have a drink or two at your local watering hole.  Go get that tattoo that you talked about.  Don't waste time.  You are alive and life is for living.  

I wish you joy and much happiness.  Take care of yourself.  Happy birthday.



Dear New Adult,

You have completed your 18th trip around the sun.  Happy Birthday and welcome to adulthood!  

When you turned 17 last year, I overheard a snippet of a conversation you had the morning of your birthday.  At some point you said, "Yeah, this means in one year - I'm outta here!"

I remember having a quiet little chuckle and yes, I admit, I even rolled my eyes. You see, this exchange was a bit of déjà vu for your father and I, for we heard very similar thoughts from your older brother when he was on the cusp of 18 several years ago.

I know you thought that something mystical and magical was going to happen once you turned 18, like your entire life was going to change overnight.  As you discovered, being 18 really isn't that much different than being 17.

Our culture makes a big deal out of turning 18.  It's the age in which you are officially recognized as an adult, regardless of how well equipped you may or may not be to actually function as an adult.  Our culture has built what I call the "Illusion of 18" and so many teenagers buy into it, never fully realizing that all this promised freedom is just an illusion.  The freedom that comes from being 18 only occurs if you are able to fully support yourself. 

Do what you need to do in order to fully support yourself one day and then you can enjoy all the promised freedoms of adulthood.  In the time being, don't forget that you can now get arrested and if this happens that they will not call us; they will just haul you off to jail. And by all means, register to vote.  That is one freedom you can enjoy now.



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PS Thanks Jenn and Lauren for having such generous link up times.  This prompt was from last week, but it took me longer than expected to compose.


  1. I'm loving this idea for a post. So many letters I could write, I wouldn't even know where to start. Reading them is so intriguing, now I want to know all the stories.

    1. shenine joon, you can still link up, from what i can tell. i'd be happy to see what you'd come up with. :] https://goo.gl/HnWCQs

    2. ericka!! i love you for linking up! i've been so bummed that not many have, and it always makes me thrilled to see when someone does! THANK YOU, lady!

      these are wonderful letters. i hope the people to whom they refer read them and take them to heart.

    3. Thank you, Shenine! Yes, as you've guessed, there are backstories behind both of these letters, letters that the recipients may never see. I found great comfort in saying what I needed to say and then setting the words free into the universe.

      Jenn, you are more than welcome! I'm sorry that I'm always a late to the party and linking up late. Maybe I'll do better during your next round.

  2. I could write the first letter to a few people.

  3. I have several "Somebody(s) That I Used to Know".


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