Friday, May 19, 2017

My Happy List - What's Up Weekend Vol. 2

~ I have been cracking up over this meme for the past two weeks:

~ My officemate shared this video with me.  I must admit, it made me smile.

The step challenge (sponsored through my work) I've been participating in since mid-April is finally OVER!

On Wednesday, members of the 2017 graduating class of SCHS (the high school that the students at the elementary school where I work will attend) came to school, dressed in their caps and gowns, and paraded through the hallways so that our students could see them.  In the mass, I spotted several of my former students.  Although they may not remember me or even remember that they were in speech many years ago, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride that I contributed to that moment.

It also made me feel very old...  LOL!

~ After today, I only have one more day with students and then closing day on Tuesday.  


Hope this finds you having a great Friday and may your weekend be even better!  As always, thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Ericka,

    Congrats on another school year under your belt. That must envoke so many different emotions, primarily pride and joy. Good luck on your last day with them today. :)

    We have a step challenge beginning tomorrow though my work that goes through to almost the end of August. It's fun and I love the competition.

    Have a great week hun! :)


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