Monday, September 25, 2017

Autumn '17 Goals and Summer '17 Goals Report Card

My summer, both in terms of my break from school and the season itself, flew by, just as I knew it would.  As of today, I've been back to work for almost 8 weeks.  I'm almost a quarter through the school year, which is...  crazy.  

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the the future
- "Fly Like an Eagle" by Steve Miller Band

With my autumn goals, I'm continuing to adhere to my "keep it simple" mindset that I used with my summer goals.  I liked the simplicity and they were realistic. But, before I share my autumn goals with you, allow me to report on how I did with my summer goals.

Summer Goals
June 21 - September 20

Continue adhering to the healthier eating habits I've established during the past 10 months.  YES! I am happy to report that I have continued this habit.  Now, I'm not going to pretend that I eat perfectly every day.  One day last week, my dinner consisted of two margaritas, beef nachos, and an ice cream cone from Dairy Queen.  But, the next day, I drank tons of water and ate a salad and lots of other green things.

Continue exercising, but diversify my workouts.  SUCCESS! I have only two words to say about this:  planks and burpees.  I need not say more.

Be lighter on September 22 that I am right now.  YES! I am one pound lighter, which isn't much, but it's enough to meet this goal.

Read one classic novel.  Close but no cigar. Although I didn't get one read by the first day of autumn as I had planned, I am going to read To Kill a Mockingbird next week in celebration of Banned Books Week.  (I need to finish Beartown by Fredrik Backman first...)

Get to know my adopted state a little better by doing something outdoorsy or touristy in Kentucky.  DONE! I have kayaked on 4 bodies of water in Kentucky that I've never been on before (Guist Creek Lake, Lake Shelby, the Salt River, and Elkhorn Creek).  To get to some of these bodies of water, I've ventured into areas that I've not only never been to before, but a couple I have never heard of before!

This is probably the best I've ever done with one group of seasonal goals since I've been making and sharing them on here.  Granted, this last batch was deliberately kept simple for a reason and that simplicity may have lent a hand in them being more easily doable.  Anyway, easy or not, I'm pleased with them.

Now, onto my Autumn 2017 goals:
  • Do something "Halloween-ish."  Autumn is my favorite season and all to often, the season slips away from me before I know it.  Doing something Halloween oriented just sounds like fun.
  • Pay off my car before the first day of winter.
  • Get my Christmas cards filled out, addressed, and mailed before the Winter Solstice.  (I'm notorious for filling them out between the first day of winter and New Year's Eve...  Better late than never, right?)
  • Be lighter on December 21 than I am today.
  • Go into an upcoming major life change (that I'll share more about later) with courage, strength, and a grateful heart.

Do you have any autumn goals?  Please feel free to share if you do.  Have a great day!


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