Thursday, September 7, 2017

Currently... (Vol. 20)

Wishing...  my Aunt J a Happy 60th Birthday!  (If you're reading this, your card is in the mail!)

Keeping...  all the folks of Houston, the Texas coast, those in Irma's path, and the people of the Pacific Northwest in my thoughts and prayers.  

Wondering...  where in the world August went!  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, for August is not my favorite month.  I'm just surprised at how fast the month flew by! 

Admitting...  that one month into the current school year, I still can't remember the names of a couple of the new teachers at my school.

Recovering...  from a fun, but tough white water rafting trip this past weekend. With low water levels and a persistent wind trying to push up back upstream, it was a hard paddle.  Interestingly enough, I was the only female in our raft which, in my opinion, makes me a total badass...  a badass with sore shoulders and upper arms, but a badass none-the-less. ;)

Acknowledging...  that I haven't finished the first round of Erin's book challenge like I had hoped I would.  Oh, well...

Reading... (Yes! Like really reading, with my eyeballs reading!) the book I Found My Heart in West Virginia by Chelsea Falin.

Listening to...  the audiobook Rewinder by Brett Battles and to the album From A Room: Volume 1 by Kentucky native, Chris Stapleton.

Watching...  The Guestbook on TBS (Thursday 10:30pm ET).  It's hilarious!

Anxiously awaiting...  Season 3 of Outlander. THREE DAYS PEOPLE!!! THREE!!!

Feeling...  proud for keeping my competitive beast at bay and not going crazy in the current step challenge that's taking place at work.  (If you remember, I participated in the spring step challenge back in April and May and walked 203 miles in 29 days...  which is completely insane!)

Refocusing...  my weight loss efforts.  Since hitting the plateau back in March, I admit that I have kind of slacked off a bit and not been as mindful about everything I've been eating. 

Adjusting...  to being "that" person at work who is always cold.   It's a weird turn of events after having been "the hot natured one" for so very long.

Feeling...  concerned and a little nervous over the changes that might be made to Kentucky state employees' retirement (public school employees, like myself, included).

Preparing...  to make calls, send emails, and make my voice heard on this issue. 

Amused...  by this painted rock that I found inside Panera Wednesday evening. The instructions say that I can either keep it or re-hide it.  I'll hid it somewhere this weekend.  #LouisvilleRocks 

Amazed...  that I won the $50 Second Chance drawing in the Discover Our History Photo Scavenger Hunt sponsored by the Wyoming County Historical Museum back home!  I rarely win stuff like this!

August in a Snapshot:

1) My new weight loss comparison picture, 2) chicory in the park, 3) my new fridge
4) First fallen acorn, 5) rafting with friends on Salt River, 6) viewing the eclipse with my officemate, M
7) a thistle in the park, 8) at the Louisville Slugger Museum with my BFF and her husband, 9) dinner on the river with R

What have you been up to lately?  Happy Thursday to you!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I'll be in Louisville at the end of the month for a weekend trip! I'm excited. :) Aw, that's fun you found a cool painted rock. And congrats on the win!!


  2. August flew by for me, I feel like it was jam packed with everything. We are only in our first week back at school and my brain is having trouble remembering the new kids names!

  3. You are a badass!

    Add ResistBot to your repertoire for making your voice heard! Easy to dash off a text.

    I used to always be hot and now I am frequently cold.

  4. The extreme weather in our country is so hard right now! I live near Seattle and our air quality is so terrible, they've cancelled recesses and after school sports. I'm gonna have to check out The Guestbook. I love finding painted rocks!

  5. i am nowhere near finishing Erin's challenge. gah. I really thought I would this time, but i chose too many books that i own, and my library list is out of control so i need to get them first. you are a total badass white water rafting and being the only woman! that's awesome. interesting about the retirement thing.. i'll have to ask my husband what's going on. and omg outlander season 3?! i still haven't watched season 2 (I KNOW I KNOW) because i haven't read the second book. obviously i need to get my act together. also obviously i need to reread book 1/rewatch season !

  6. I'm admitting the same thing. There's always so many...
    August did fly by but that's fine with me. I need some Fall.


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