Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday Topics - Ten Sexiest Men Alive

Today begins the next batch of Tuesday Topics hosted by Jenn @ Quirky Pickings.  Right off the bat, we're jumping in with both feet and discussing the Ten Sexiest Men Alive.  Here is my list:

Sam Heughan

I only know Sam from the STARZ series, Outlander, which is based on the books by Diana Gabaldon.   Sam plays the tall, rugged, fierce, red haired, kilt wearing Scotsman, Jamie Fraser.  Many fans of the books disagree with the casting of Sam as Jamie, but I do not.  To me, he is Jamie Fraser, so much so that I often cannot even remember his real name.

Chris Daughtry

Despite my natural inclination to gravitate towards men with long hair (see a former post about this here), I have made an exception for Chris Daughtry, the former American Idol contestant and front man of the band, Daughtry. I find his bald head, facial hair, piercing dark eyes, and his rock star charisma very sexy.  

Brad Pitt

Over three decades, Brad's appearance in real life and in movies has been extremely varied. There have been times in which I found him extremely sexy and other times in which I have not. Case in point: I think he was extremely sexy in Legends of the Fall but not in Fight Club.  Granted he had some kicking' abs in the latter, but I still didn't find him sexy.

Charlie Hunnam

Charlie caught my eye as the outlaw motorcycle renegade, Jax Teller, on Sons of Anarchy.  I was very excited when I heard that he was to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Gray and equally as disappointed when I learned he had pulled out of the project.   

Colin Ferrell

Like Brad Pitt, there have been certain times in Colin Farrell's  career in which I have found him sexier than others.  In Miami Vice, as detective Sonny Crocket, I found him especially sexy.  I do like Colin with longer hair and some facial hair.

Clay Matthews

Clay is the only athlete who made my list and, truth be told, had it not been for his long, golden hair, I'm not sure he would've ever showed up on my radar.  I find his tall, muscular body, broad shoulders, long hair, and funny sense of humor (from what I've heard) extremely sexy.

John Stamos

I didn't know John Stamos when he was on General Hospital, so our first introduction was when he played Uncle Jesse in the 1980s sitcom, Full House.  He was good looking then, but I didn't find him sexy like I do now.  He has aged extremely well, like a fine wine, and I find his more defined features extremely sexy.

Patrick Dempsey

I remember Patrick Dempsey in the 1987 movie, Can't Buy Me Love, and, in my opinion, he wasn't that attractive.  He was actually rather nerdy looking and not a sexy way.  Time has been good to Mr. Dempsey, allowing him to evolve from a dorky teen to a very sexy man with haunting blue eyes and a great smile.  

Alex Biffin

Unless you've seen the all-male revue, Thunder From Down Under, you probably have no idea who Alex Biffin is.  When I saw TFDU last summer in Vegas, from the opening number, my eyes were fixed on the tall, dark, and handsome Aussie.  I honestly don't remember what any of the other men in the show looked like because Alex had my full attention.

Jon Bon Jovi

When I was a teenager, I lusted over Jon  as only a hormone-infused teenage girl could.   Posters bearing his image covered my bedroom walls and I spent hours gazing at his long, disheveled locks and his wickedly, sexy smile.  Jon exuded sex appeal.

Jon lost his long locks in the early 1990s. Within the past 2 years or so, he quit coloring his hair and embraced his gray, which he pulls off very nicely, in my opinion.  Jon has transformed from a long haired, leather pants wearing, singer of a rock-n-roll band to a refined, graying philanthropist, who still fronts the rock-n-roll band that bears his name.

Which man/men would make your list of sexiest men alive?  I'm very curious to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I didn't really know what to think when they cast Sam as Jaime, but after watching the show for two seasons (we still haven't started season 3 yet!), I don't know what I would do without him as Jaime! He's perfect in the role! And yes to Charlie Hunnam! I know that the only reason I started SOA was because of him!

  2. It is so fun seeing everyone's different picks for sexiest men, I almost put John Stamos on my list! I have adored him for years. And he seems to get better looking as he gets older!
    The Beth Next Door

    1. It was a fun prompt and seeing other lists has been quite entertaining!

  3. erin would LOVE that you put jon bon jovi on your list. and you're right; i'd never heard of alex biffin, and patrick dempsey has definitely aged well. also, clay and colin are worthy of being here. a friend of mine was not pleased that clay (one of her recommendations for my list) wasn't on mine.

    1. Yes, she and I do share a love and admiration for Mr. JBJ. I miss Erin and hope she is well.

  4. SUCH great choices! How could I forget about Charlie? I also really love John and Colin. These lists are so fun!

  5. John Bon Jovi - yes! I'd have to include Sean Connery, too. He's one very fine older man! He could sit there & read a phone book to me with the accent & I'd just swoon!


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