Thursday, October 3, 2019

Currently... (Vol. 44)

Anxiously awaiting...  autumn's arrival.  Autumn technically started about a week and a half ago, but here in KY we're still experiencing the summer that just won't quit!  Seriously - 90s in October?!?

Ready...  and I mean, REALLY READY for crisp, chilly mornings; cool walks in the park; and the AC not running all day long.  I'm ready for summer to exit stage right.

Craving...  a caramel apple and a funnel cake!  Don't ask me why...

Missing...  my weekday morning walks in the park.  This working thing is really cramping my style and my workouts!  LOL!

Watching...  The Masked Singer on Wednesday nights. 

Realizing...  how ignorant I am about current popular culture.  Last week I got lucky and correctly guessed who The Egg was on The Masked Singer (Johnny Weir).  I had absolutely no idea who the The Ice Cream was, even after he took off his mask (Ninja...  some famous gamer).

Reading Listening...  to the audiobook Ashes to Ashes by Tami Hoag.

Receiving...  acupuncture and dry needling treatments to treat tennis elbow.

Thinking...  that it's kind of funny that I have tennis elbow and I haven't played tennis since 1983 when I took a week's worth of lessons and lost five cans of tennis balls, at which point my mom said that tennis was too expensive of a sport for me to play.

Looking...  forward to seeing Phil Collins next week!  Seeing him has been on my bucket list for a while.

Laughing...  at this:

Agreeing...  with this:

September in a Snapshot:

1 & 2) Me watching an exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum of Art, 3) my 20th first day of school as a public school SLP.
4) Pennywise on the freeway - YIKES, 5) Giants at Bernheim Forest, 6) giant turkey buzzard in my backyard!
7) making a therapy schedule...  ugh, 8) sunrise from my parking spot, 9) 100F on September 30!!!

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. The weather here can't decide what it wants. Some days are like it's still summer (highs of 79°F - and yes, I had to look that up) then today it's cloudy and around 79°F.

    I just picked up a Tami Hoag book from a free bookcase. Love her.

    That Slash thing is funny :-)

  2. That quote is brilliant. I'm aware that I spend far too much energy on things that I cannot change but I can change my reaction and that is something huge.

    Enjoy seeing Phil Collins!

  3. Oh my gosh, YES to being ready for a true, cooler fall. Our local weather posted today's forecast as "July 95th's weather outlook." Because seriously, it's going to feel about 100. And once that happens, it's caramel & apple EVERYTHING :)

  4. Its still 90s here in Austin and I am OVER it.

  5. Today it was like 40 degrees when I woke up? Fall has arrived in PA!

  6. i think i am the only person in kentucky who was loving the 90 degree weather lol. but alas, it's gone already. at least we finally had some rain? that meme is hilarious though. omg that is hilarious about losing the tennis balls. sorry about your tennis elbow though. phil collins!! so jealous! i would love to see him.

  7. What a pretty sunrise picture! The weather has already turned much colder here.


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