Thursday, March 31, 2016

Currently... (Vol. 2)

Planning… a girl’s trip with two of my speech path buddies to Las Vegas this summer to ring in one of the girl’s big 4-0.

Buying… tickets to “Thurby.”  What in the world is that, you ask?  Thurby is what Churchill Downs has branded the Thursday before Derby Day. 

Thursday + Derby = Thurby.  

It's a day of horse racing at Churchill downs that many locals like myself have started attending in lieu of the very crowded and more expensive Oaks Day and Kentucky Derby.  

Shopping… for a hat to fit my head for Thurby.  The dress code for Thurby is anything goes, so you will see some people dressed in rags and others who look like they are going to the Kentucky Derby instead of Thursday racing.  The crew I’m going with wants to get fancy this year so we are all supposed to sport headgear of some kind.  So far, I’m not having much luck finding a hat that doesn’t feel like a vise around my cranium.

Reading… Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan.  It’s supposed to be funny.  So far, for me anyway, it’s not.  I’m having a hard time keeping the characters straight and the never ending description of high end cars, fashion, jewelry, and the like is getting on my nerves.  But, I'm not even halfway through the book yet, so the jury’s still out.  We shall see.

Looking… forward to Spring Break next week.  Only 15 or so hours more with these crazy Yahoo-ligans!

Dreading… the work I MUST do over Spring Break.  I don’t typically do any work over breaks, but this is a have-to situation.

Cleaning… out my stepson’s bedroom.  He moved out last week in to his very first apartment.  We are planning to repurpose the room so it needs a thorough cleaning and some repair work.

Enjoying… the very mild, Spring weather.

Admiring... the beautiful flowers and flowering trees.  The colors seem ultra vivid this year in my part of Kentucky.

Taking… my full arsenal of medicines (Zyrtec, Singulair, and Nasacort) to combat the spring allergies that notoriously are associated with beautiful spring flowers and flowering trees.

Composing… a piece titled “K is for Kentucky” for my participation in next months Blogging A to Z Challenge.  My first post "A is for Appalachia" will be published tomorrow.

What are you up to?  Feel free to chime in below.  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a good one!

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  1. Thurby sounds like fun! I wanted to go see the Kentucky Derby this year but got vetoed. Good luck finding that hat! I actually just went to Kentucky for the first time in December! I did the Bourbon Trail for my birthday. Stopping by from the link-up :)

    1. Thanks for the good luck wishes regrading a hat, for I will need them! Thurby is really fun. It's more low-key than the Derby which I like. I know the Bourbon Trail Have been to a few of the distilleries over the years. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I always wanted to go to Louisville. It looks like a fun place. Yes, I'm taking my allergy pills too. Our flowers haven't started blooming here yet. Stopping by from Stuff & Things.

    1. Louisville is a very eclectic, fun little city. There's always something to do. Later this month, I will publish a post about things to do in L'ville, so check back on April 14 (I think). Thanks for stopping by!

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