Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sweet - Hugh's Weekly Photo Challenge (Week 18)

JELL-O Layered Easter Eggs

My sister-in-law made these for Easter dinner.  She made them using six different Jello flavors and plastic Easter eggs as the mold.  Once the Jello set up, she sliced them in half and served them on a deviled egg serving tray.  They provided just enough sweetness to satisfy a craving without being too overwhelming or loaded in calories.

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  1. They're very pretty. It seems like more effort than I would put into it, though. :)

    1. From what I pieced together, the entire process, start to finish, took about 4 hours. She put in one layer, then went to do something else while that layer congealed, came back and put in the next layer, etc. until it was finished.

  2. They look gorgeous, Ericka. What a delightful treat to have on the Easter Table.


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