Wednesday, June 8, 2016

But, I Have... (Humpday Confessions Vol. 11)

I Have...

Watched all 331 episodes of the NBC drama ER

Read The Great Gatsby four times

Always been able to raise my right eyebrow independently of my left

Been the unwilling recipient of a bear hug from a gargantuan, mountain of a man wearing a Hells Angels cut

Experienced Bon Jovi in concert twelve times

Repelled down the exterior of a castle in Wales

Eaten fermented soybeans, escargot, crocodile, and kangaroo

Completed a half marathon

Seen the Southern Cross

Mowed a football field with a push mower

Swam with manatees

Hit a grand slam

Consumed real, 100% authentic, made up a holler, "Oh, my Lord, I'm gonna go blind!", non-fancy flavored, West Virginia moonshine

Made a pact with the big man upstairs that if he would spare my eyesight after I drank the previously mentioned white lightning, that I would never, ever drink that stuff again

Crossed the international date line

Belted out "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" with my best friend in a dive bar (karaoke)

Hey, thanks for stopping by!  Before you leave, though, be sure to tell me something that you've done.  I love audience participation! 

Today's post is a sequel to last Tuesday's post, Well, I Never!, which was inspired by Rose @ Ramblin' Rose's blog post Never Ever Before

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  1. I've seen all of ER too. I've thought about watching it all again, but that seems like too much of an emotional commitment.

    1. I agree! I don't think I'm up for that kind of emotional commitment or time commitment! I mean, we're talking 200+ hours... LOL!

  2. Where is the Southern Cross? I could probably google that.

    I watched all of ER too. Like Kristin, I've thought of re-watching as well but haven't jumped off that diving board yet. I did recently re-watch all of the Sopranos.

    1. The Southern Cross is a constellation that is only visible in the southern hemisphere. When ER was still airing as reruns on TNT, I rewatched several seasons and watched several seasons for the first time that way, too. (Before the days of DVR.) Not sure if I would ever want to rewatch the entire series, though. Like Kristin say, big emotional commitment! LOL!

  3. The white lightning is no joke- I almost choked on it! I much prefer the apple pie and blueberry distilled ones! I want to hear more about your repelling experience- that's so awesome! What's the international date line?

    1. The international date line is the imaginary longitude line that marks the change of the calendar date from one day to the next. It is in the Pacific Ocean.

  4. WOW--you are a Bon Jovi fan! I never really watched ER. Is it even on Netflix or anywhere where it can be streamed?

    1. Yes, I have been a devout Bon Jovi fan for nearly 30 years! I'm not sure if ER is available on Netflix, for I haven't looked. It started in 1994, so it's rather old.


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