Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy One Year Blogiversary to Me!

One year ago today, I published my very first blog entry, a sad, little post titled Well Read...What Does That Mean?  To date, that entry has received a whopping total of three views. 

Three, as tres, for you Spanish speaking folks.

Three, as in one more than two and one less than four.  

LOL!  Truth be told, I'm pretty sure two of those views were from me, checking to make sure the post did what it was supposed to do once I clicked "Publish." Little did I know the adventure I would embark upon after clicking that orange button in the upper right corner of Blogger.

And here I am...365 days, 1 Twitter account, countless hours of typing and editing, and 209 posts later!  Happy Blogiversary to me!  

As I started preparing this post, I thought about how I came to embark upon this blogging journey.  I started blogging because having a blog made participating in book challenges easier.  Early on, the majority of my entries were single book reviews.  Over time, I started participating in various linkups as well as publishing content on matters that weighed heavily on my mind and stuff I just felt compelled to write.  As an introvert, I spend a lot of time in my head and this blog gives me a place to let those thoughts out and allow them to run amuck!  It has evolved into a unique little space, part book blog, part travel blog, part life blog. Regardless of what I write about, this space has become a valuable and creative outlet for me.  Thank you for joining me on this adventure.

So, today on the monumental occasion, I've created some blog superlatives, you know, like those you might see in a high school yearbook. 

MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED (aka "Post with the most views to date"):
Stripes - Hugh's Photo Challenge (Week 9)
- Seriously, I have no idea how this post featuring one picture and 123 words (including the link up information) generated so many views.  I have submitted 15 more picture posts in Hugh's weekly photo challenge since this one and none of them have even come close to generating the number of views this one did.  Go figure...

THE ONE THAT FAILED TO GET OUT OF THE GATE (aka "Post the fewest views to date"):  
- Whomp, whomp...

TEACHER'S PET (aka "Post that is my personal favorite"):
M is for Mind's Eye
- This is a very personal piece and a piece that required me to really step out of my comfort zone.

TEACHER'S PEST (aka "Post that I like the least"):
Q is for Qi
- What can I say?  I was trying to compose a blog entry about something, anything, that started with the letter Q.  I was desperate...

AGED TO PERFECTION (aka "Post that took the longest to compose"):
O is for One Hour
- I worked on this post on and off for several months and in the days leading up to it going live, I spent many hours listening to the songs that were "in the running" and whittling down my final selections.

BIGGEST SURPRISES (aka "Posts that turned out to far better than I would've ever imagined"):
Stripes - Hugh's Photo Challenge (Week 9) 
- It still baffles my mind...

H is for Hallelujah
- As I mentioned in my Blogging A to Z Reflection post, this blog entry was truly a last minute idea and I composed it in under 30 minutes.  To date, it is the fourth most viewed post on my blog.

BIGGEST FLOPS (aka "Posts 
that I expected to do better than it did in terms of comments/views"):
Current Events in One Sentence (Aug. 30 - Sept. 15) 

Happy Back to the Future Day!
- Yeah, I had bigger expectations for both of these posts, but maybe the timing just wasn't right.  Who knows?


MANY thanks to some fellow bloggers who have welcomed me into their blogging community:  Erin, Kristen, LindsaySteph, Mackenzie, and E Man... just to name a few.  I enjoy our interactions and look forward to many more in the future.

And MANY, MANY thanks to you, the readers, whether you are new or returning. Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting.  I do appreciate it!

Linking up with:

West Virginia, my beloved home state, was hit by devastating floods last week. Many homes, businesses, schools, and churches were completely inundated with rapidly rising water. Many of homes were completely washed away by flash floods. West Virginians are strong, resilient people who rise up in the face of adversity. But, even the strongest folks could use some prayers from time to time. I ask that you remember the flood victims who have lost their homes, their livelihoods, their belongings, and especially those who have lost loved ones. Thank you.


  1. Love this. I really like the format and I may *cough* borrow it for my anniversary (attributed to you of course!).

    I sometimes use linkies to resurrect old posts written before I knew what linkies were. Some I'll just leave to history.


  2. Happy blogging anniversary! my blog also turned 1 this month, and it's amazing how you learn from it... from being introvert like you were to being a creative outlet of thoughts. I love how you made blog superlatives, awesome! By the way, you've just earned 4 views and 1 comment on your very first blog post! #mg

    1. Thank you! Happy Blogiversary to you!

      PS Thanks for spreading some love to my sad, little first post!

  3. I think expectations are a tricky thing when it comes to blogging. I used to check my most popular posts a lot (they're verrrry random) and I haven't been doing that as much lately. Not sure why.

    Either way, congrats on a year of blogging!

  4. Congrats on your one year blogiversary! The blogging community really is so wonderful! I'm so glad that I found your blog because you always have such great book recommendations!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog b/c of all your traveling! I make mental notes all the time about things to do and places to go... :)

  5. It is so important to know WHY you blog and what keeps you coming back to this space.

    It sounds like we have a similar sort of thing - I sometimes appear to be an extrovert, but really am an introvert, and I like a place to put all of the things in my brain.

    I'm glad you do too, I enjoy reading here!

    I couldn't tell you anything about numbers though - I don't even know where to find most of those metrics on my blog. I go off of people saying, "I liked that." LOL

    1. People who know me are always shocked to learn that I consider myself an introvert and I really am an introvert. Thing is, I am blessed with the capability to channel my inner extrovert when I need to and that's what's throws people off. Lots of people still confuse being introverted with being shy and do not realize they are not synonymous. I'm not shy, by any stretch of the imagination. LOL! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  6. Stripes is the name of a Bill Murray movie. Not relevant probably, but true.

    Some people thought 'Q' was easy. Just sayin'.

    1. Yes, E Man, I know Stripes. It was filmed in and around Louisville. :)

  7. Great review of your blogging adventures. It's interesting how a blog flows and evolves. Now, I need to go check out your links with "old" blog posts.

  8. Congrats my dear! So glad I am part of your blogging world, I always love you posts and as a fellow introvert i totally know what you mean and why blogging is great for us! Can't wait to see what the next year brings! Much love! #mg

  9. Well happy day to you! I'm an on again, off again blogger depending on what's going on with life, but I love having the memories to go back and revisit! I thoroughly enjoy your writing . . . looking forward to reading more!

  10. Congrats on one year. 209 posts is an impressive amount for that time. I've been at this for about 18 months and still haven't figured out what makes one post do really well, and another get ignored. If you crack the mystery, let us all know #mg

  11. LOVE this idea for a post! The flooding in West Virginia is so sad. Sending love to everyone who has been affected.

    1. Thank you! Yes, the flooding and the aftermath has been devastating. It is absolutely unreal.

  12. i think it's funny because - from my very unscientific research - most bloggers are introverts/shy. it's like the best outlet for us to get our thoughts out and gives us the feeling that we are around people without being around them, you know? i mean, i like people, of course (well, some of them) but it's nice to step away and choose the interaction. anyway maybe that's just me lol

    aw shucks thanks for the shout out girl :) and happy blogiversary! i hope your first post has more than 3 views now lol. i feel you on that. my first post is just straight up embarrassing.

    1. I would agree with you about the blogger - introvert connection. I understand what you mean, I like people and I'm thoroughly entertained by them, but after a while people in person just wear me out. LOL!

      You are welcome and thank you! Yes, LOL!, my sad, little first post now has 11 views (as of July 1). I guess I need to quit calling it sad and little now. :)

  13. Happy anniversary! I'm one month in and see myself reaching the same milestone as you ! Fingers crossed :) I'm addicted to blogging and link ups and have found so many awesome bloggers who have helped me the last few weeks. The support is incredible #mg

  14. What a great way to celebrate your blogiversary! I've never seen anything like this. (Kind of wondering if your first post has received more views since you published this post?) Here's hoping for much success and many more posts in the new year of blogging! :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, my first post has now been viewed 11 times. :)


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