Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer '17 Goals & Spring '17 Goals Report Card

Ah, summer...  How I love thee.  Even though summer just officially started today, I've been in summer mode since before Memorial Day.  

For educators such as myself, summer is often not determined by the tilt of our planet as we orbit around the sun, but rather by time off between the last day of school and the first day of school.  When I go back to work on August 1, the most frequently asked question will be, "How was your summer?" to which many will reply, "Too fast..."  Thing is, at that point, summer will be a little under the halfway point!  But, anyway, I digress...

Before I lay out my summer goals, allow me to recap my spring goals and report on whether or not I met them.

March 20 - June 20

  • ✗ Lose at least 13 more pounds (shooting for a combined total of 50 pounds lost by June 20). Nope, just didn't happen.  I managed to lose 1 pound before the dreaded weight loss plateau hit in April and before I fell off the wagon in May.  Oh, well...  I got back on the wagon on June 1 and I my focus has been renewed.  As I close in on the one year mark since starting this weight loss quest, I am resolving to stop putting time limits on losing weight.  It's driving me crazy and is sometimes a complete and utter downer. 
  • ✔ Incorporate core exercises into my exercise regime 2-3 times a week.  DONE!  I'm not great with this one yet, but I have incorporated them into my exercise routine at least twice a week. 
  • ✗ Have all my end of the year paperwork (report cards, ESY data and graphs, ongoing progress data logs, etc.) completed and filed on or before May 22.  Did not complete.  It took me until May 24 to get all my paperwork finished.
  • ✔ No clothes or shoe shopping during the month of April. SUCCESS!  It was tough, but I did it!
  • Do at least one activity in the mountains (ride ATVs, zipline, whitewater raft). COMPLETED 4.5.17! My uncle and I went riding out in the mountains in his ATV. 
  • ✗ Make eye appointment and get my vision checked. Nope. This is an example of procrastination at it's finest. Yeah, I know, I suck.

So...  I'm 3 for 6.  If you think of my completion rate in terms of a batting average, it looks pretty good.  One would say that I batted .500.  But, if you look at it from a percentage/grading standpoint, I got a 50% which is an F.

I think I'll go with the batting average.  Perspective, it's all about perspective.

Even though I didn't do so great in terms of completing the goals I set for myself in March, let me share with you some of the things I did accomplish:

I completed the 2017 Blogging A to Z Challenge.  I didn't miss a single day and all posts went live on the day they were supposed to.  And, here's the biggest thing - I only had 2 posts written in advance by April 1, the day that I decided (at the very last minute) to participate.

I completed a competitive personal goal that I set for myself around the middle of April.  I participated in a step challenge at work.  I secretly set a goal to finish in the top position on my school's team and to finish in the top 10 of all participants in the district.  I did both!

Even though I didn't do so well with the goals I established, looking back, I would definitely say I had a better than average spring in terms of doing things.

As I began thinking about my summer goals, I had an epiphany.  Summer is my season to lay low, chill out, and to reset.  I unplug from work and embrace the opportunity to just "be."  During summer, I don't like timeframes, deadlines, or even schedules (unless a situation just calls for it, like when traveling).  So, with all of the goals I've chosen, I've decided to keep them simple.  

  • Continue adhering to the healthier eating habits I've established during the past 10 months.
  • Continue exercising, but diversify my workouts.
  • Be lighter on September 22 that I am right now.
  • Read one classic novel.
  • Get to know my adopted state a little better by doing something outdoorsy or touristy in Kentucky.

So, there they are.  Check back in three months to see the results.

Do you have any seasonal or monthly goals? Feel free to share!  Have a good one!

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  1. You did good on your goals and don't worry about the number of pounds just keep eating healthy and excersizing it will happen. Just enjoy your summer it will be over before you know it

  2. I despise the "how was your summer?" question. Just nope. And I've been off since May 20th, so summer is old news now.
    Summertime goals are overrated. I think just saying you'll be "lighter" on September 22 is the perfect goal.

    1. Yeah... The setting of a certain number of pounds to lose by a certain date has not worked for me and, even though I am very pleased with my progress and accomplishments, it digs at me when I make those goals and don't meet them. To hell with that! I'm just going to keep aiming to be lighter and lighter and I'll see what happens. :) Thanks.

  3. Those are good summer goals - I feel the same in that season.

    1. Thanks! Keeping it simple, easy breezy like summer should be. :)

  4. I think that you did pretty darn good this Spring with your goals, and I say go for the batting average lookout! I love your summer goal for being a tourist in Kentucky! I want to try and be a tourist in my hometown too because it makes you try something that you wouldn't have ever thought about it before!

  5. I think you did well with your Spring goals! I've never been in an ATV but it looks like so much fun! The optometrist wasn't on my list, but it should have been- I really need to get my vision rechecked! I like to unplug and chill during summer months as well, which is why I made a summer bucket list instead of actual goals haha. Good luck with your list!

  6. Congrats on making the top 10!! That's fantastic! I love the "be lighter than I am right now..." I always have to make things attainable so that I don't feel demoralized at the end.


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