Monday, March 26, 2018

This Weekend I...

...did something I've never done before in my life - I participated in a peaceful march.  

...braved the rain, the wind, and the cold, along with a thousand or so others, in the March For Our Lives here in Louisville.

...felt compelled to march in support of the local students who organized the event.

...listened to several well spoken, impassioned teenagers express their fears.
“As students, we should not have to worry about gun-toting classmates at 7:30 a.m.,” a student speaker said. “We should be worried about calculus tests and football games, not the possibility of having thoughts and prayers sent our family’s way for weeks.”

 ...was impressed by the supportive turnout, despite the dismal weather conditions.  (It really was miserable...) 

...was taken aback by the number of young students who were in attendance, students young enough to be students of my own.  It was a somber and solemn experience.

...also marched to represent the countless educators who, like myself, know that the possibility of dying while protecting students is very much a reality.

...didn't carry a sign nor did I cheer. 

...showed up and let my presence alone do my speaking.

...illustrated what democracy looks like.

I hope this finds you having had a great weekend!  

Inspired by Kristin's March 2018 post


  1. I wanted to march but an early morning bday party with the inlaws was already in the works.
    Thanks for Marching

  2. There were a lot of marchers at the coffee house.

    1. I saw many in the two coffee places I passed while en route back to my car. I was half tempted to go in and get something hot to drink to help me warm up, but I trudged on. I did have some hot chocolate when I got home, though.


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