Monday, May 16, 2016

Memes That Say EXACTLY What I'm Thinking (Vol. 4)

I've amassed quite a little collection of Presidential memes and comics this year. In honor of tomorrow's Primary Election in Kentucky, I'm sharing my collection with you.  Enjoy!

(Please excuse the grammar error in the Buffett for President meme.  Remember, I didn't create it, I'm just sharing it.  LOL!)

Have a great Monday wherever you may be!  If you live in Kentucky, Washington, Oregon, or Idaho (I think) and are registered to vote, don't forget to make your voice heard tomorrow!


  1. These were great. I particularly liked the Walken/Busey one :)

  2. LMBO!!! I've seen a few of these but they are FANTASTIC!
    Thanks for starting the week off great.

  3. these are all hilarious. i really do wish it was mandatory for people to vote here!


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