Sunday, August 7, 2016

Friday Five (Vol. 2) - The One That's A Few Days Late

Yeah, yeah...  I know it isn't Friday.  I wasn't planning on composing and publishing a weekend coffee share post last week, but when the inspiration hit for a post, I went with it.  I pretty much had this post composed by that point.  Not wanting waste it, I decided to post it late.  Better late than never, right?

1. Last Monday, MTV celebrated its 35th birthday.  Once upon a time, when MTV actually played music videos, I loved me some MTV.  Now, if MTV is on when I turn on the TV, all I do is cringe.  But, I did enjoy some nostalgia as some fond memories of my MTV viewing as a youth came flooding back.

2. This article about a garden gnome that went AWOL from his home in British Columbia.  He returned 8 months later and as it turns out, he wasn't kidnapped, but rather he was out exploring, broadening his horizons, and having a grand adventure.

3. The story reminded me of when I was in college and I kidnapped borrowed allowed my friend and coworker's miniature cement yard-art goose, whom I affectionately called Hedrick, to accompany me on a weekend trip to Lexington, KY. As you can see from my photos, Hedrick had a great weekend.

4.  This...
5.  Watching the opening ceremonies of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro.  I was especially touched by the outpouring of love and respect that was bestowed upon the Refugee Olympic Team as they entered the stadium Friday night.

And, I really think Rio's olympic cauldron is probably the prettiest one that I've ever seen.   

Seriously, the still picture above doesn't do it justice. The beauty is in the movement of the sculpture behind the flame.  

I'm hoping this find you having had a great weekend and gearing up for a good week ahead.  I return to work this week after having been off for the summer, so my week will mainly consist of survival as I adjust to a pre-dawn wakeup call again, an earlier bedtime, and getting back into the work routine.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

P.S.  I was nominated by Mackenzie @ Reflections from Me to participate in the 3 Quotes Per Day in 3 Days Challenge.  I will participate in this challenge with a caveat*.  I'm only going to post quotes; I'm not going to formally nominate anyone to do it next (the official challenge says I'm supposed to nominate 3 people every day to do the same).  If you would like to participate, consider yourself nominated.  If you don't, no worries!

My first three quotes are quotes that I can recite by heart and ones that I have used on numerous occasions:

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  1. At least you get to listen to your beloved audio books whilst commuting.

    Defense > offense, so Orr > Gretzky.

  2. It makes me feel old to think about how MTV used to be!! Those were the days!!

    1. I know! I would love to have a t-shirt that read "I watched MTV when they actually played music videos" or something! HA!

  3. I loved the Opening Ceremonies too! Everything Olympics has been so much fun to watch so far! So we totally have a guy at work that has a garden gnome in his office, and we might have kidnapped him for an outing at lunch one day. He had a blast getting his eyebrows threaded :)

  4. I was brought to tears when the Refugee team was announced. I knew nothing about this happening, and it was really moving. Call me a "dirty old lady", but I laughed about the Tongan flag bearer and how he practically broke the internet.
    Good luck with your early start this week!

  5. oh they are really awesome quotes! The gnome story is just brilliant, made me laugh, how cute that he was out on an adventure, love it! #mg


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