Thursday, August 3, 2017

Currently... (Vol. 19)

Adjusting...  to waking up at oh-dark-thirty, putting on a bra before noon, commuting 90 miles roundtrip, and working 8 hours a day after a lovely two month hiatus from being Mrs. B, speech pathologist.

Missing...  my quiet mornings at home and my weekday morning walks in the park (it was like having the park all to myself).

Learning...  a lot of new faculty members' names.  I might be lucky to know them all (first names and last names) by Christmas.

Confessing...  that I didn't get nearly as much stuff accomplished around the house this summer as I'd planned.  Yes, I indulged in a lot of dolce far niente.

Awaiting...  the arrival of our new refrigerator.  Our garage refrigerator kicked the bucket last month.  We bought a new one for the kitchen and will demote that one to the garage once the new one arrives.  

Admitting...  that having my spare refrigerator die and only having one working fridge is truly a "First World Problem."

Remembering...  this scene from Back to the Future...  When I was a kid, which wasn't that long ago, it was hard to imagine a time before having multiple TVs in the house.  Refrigerators, on the other hand...  I knew no one who had two refrigerators until I was in high school.  My, how times have changed...

Listening...  to the audiobook Lily and the Octopus and... 

Crying...  a little bit every. single. time. I listen to it.  Lord, have mercy!  (To be fair, I've also done my fair share of laughing.  The vocal artist does a fabulous job and makes Lily's enthusiasm when she "speaks" hilarious!)

Hoping...  to finish round one of Erin's Book Challenge by mid-month.  So far, I've completed 8/10 categories.  I haven't decided if I'm going to participate in round two yet or not...

Singing...  a jacked up version of "Despacito" in my head.  I don't know Spanish, so I'm pretty sure what I'm singing is 95% incorrect.

Laughing...  at this parody of "Despacito," which is what triggered me getting the original song stuck in my brain in the first place.

Shocking...  my coworkers by wearing an item of clothing that looks like a skirt! Best thing is, it's not!

Longing...  for sunlight.  One of the hardest things about going back to work is spending all day inside my windowless room.

Shopping...  for new walking shoes.  By my calculations, my current pair has over 400 miles on them.

Returning...  summer clothing that I bought on sale but did not like or that was "ill-fitting."  With the exception of my extensive t-shirt collection, I have pretty much replaced my entire wardrobe.

Considering...  Botox injections to calm down my overactive forehead muscles that are causing a deep crevice to form between my eyebrows.  All my time outside in the bright sunlight this summer (and inadvertently squinting in various degrees of severity) has not helped. This aging thing...  grrrr

Wondering...  if any of you out there in the blogisphere has received Botox injections and what your experiences were.  If you've had it done, do you recommend it?

Looking forward...  to white water rafting in about a month!  

Celebrating...  one year, 38 lbs lost, no longer having to take high blood pressure medication, and getting my life back.

Left - August 2016, Right - July 2017

July in a Snapshot
1st Row:  flowers at the Louisville Zoo during one of my walks, a curious meerkat (my favorite critters to visit while walking at the zoo), and my alpaca burger (anniversary dinner at Game) - and yes, that's a fried egg on it! 

2nd Row:  a sinfully, ooey-gooey, but utterly delicious grilled cheese I made one day for lunch, one of the many peaches on my parents' peach trees, and my aunt and me at the Glen Rogers Miners Memorial in Glen Rogers, WV (scavenger hunt item).  

3rd Row:  kayaking on Lake Stephens (WV), me sporting my new work polo that is one size smaller than last year's shirt, and me during my last weekday morning walk in the park before going back to work.

So, what have you been up to lately?  As always, thanks for dropping by!

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  1. I love meercats! They look so funny when they stand up like that.

    When I was a kid we only had one TV in the house. I got my own in my bedroom when I was 13 or 14.

  2. I'm horrible at learning names too. You have my deepest sympathies! If you learn any good name remembering tricks please pass them on? I've had fridge woes this month too, so you're not alone. It's amazing how I absolutely could not function without a working fridge. What did we do 60 years ago!?

    And I have a confession. I have no tv! And I don't miss it. But I am fully aware that I'm an oddity.

  3. Looking fit and healthy my friend!

    I'd have no TV if I was the only person living in my house. As it is we only have two and I have gotten rid of the rest.

    I am absolutely terrible at names.

    I haven't gotten Botox. One of my friends gets it for cosmetic purposes and loves it. Another gets it for relief from a rare condition that causes "suicide" headaches and loves the added bonus of the cosmetic results. I say try it if you want, why not? And never go anywhere without polarized sunglasses! That will help squinting.

  4. It must be so encouraging when you look at those photos. Never had botox. Not likely to. I do have two fridges though.

  5. Omg I have despacito stuck in my head all the time even though I don't actually know the husband actually speaks Spanish and walks around the house all the time singing it so I can't escape it!

    Looking great..definitely something to celebrate!

  6. Good job on the 38 lbs! And our garage refrigerator went out and it was a mess. Granted, it was two days before my husband had a BBQ event so we needed it, but regardless... we had to take care of the issue (which ended up being the outlet, not the fridge - way cheaper!)

  7. congrats on the difference in one year! that is awesome. girl you're killing it with erin's challenge. i haven't read any. oops. i made the mistake of choosing all books i own, which was good in theory but i keep choosing library or netgalley books to read next because they have deadlines lol. Lily and the Octopus sounds super cute but i did hear it's very sad. new fridge!! when we get a new fridge, our kitchen one is going in the basement and i am very excited to have 2 fridges lol.


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