Friday, August 11, 2017

Tuesday Topics (Not on Tuesday) - Six Best Country Songs

First, I feel as if I must disclose something.  

I'm not a fan of country music.  

I've listened to it randomly during times in my life, but never for long periods. I've always had some friends who are country music fans and they've exposed me to various country songs over the years.  Anyway, it's safe to say that my experience with country music is very, very limited and because of that, coming up with this list was almost as hard as coming up with my destination list. 

If you are a regular reader, you know that I like categories.  After several false starts, I decided a familiar approach was needed. So, instead of trying to list the six best country songs ever or the six best country songs that I can remember or the six best country songs that I own, I came up with six categories and filled them accordingly.

Best Country Song 
(To Elicit a Deafening Feminist Roar)
"Goodbye Earl" by Dixie Chicks

In the summer of 1999, I attended Lilith Fair, the traveling music festival that featured female acts.  The Dixie Chicks, despite being relatively new at the time, but were a main stage act. "Goodbye Earl" hadn't been released as a single yet, so when they played it, it was the first time most of us in the crowd had heard it.  When Natalie Maines sang about Wanda and the domestic violence that she experienced, the crowd got eerily silent.  But, that didn't last long. Once she started the chorus and announced that "Earl had to die," the predominately female crowd roared to life with cheers and whistles and yells of "Hell yeah!"  If I had been a man in that crowd, I might have been a little nervous at that point.

Best Country Song 
(From My Teenage Years)
"The Dance" by Garth Brooks

This song was chosen as one of the two that my graduating class either walked in to or walked out of (the gym) for our senior awards ceremony.  That's when I first heard it, back in 1992.  Although the song is specifically referencing a failed relationship, it can also be applied to life.  I often think about the things I've tried in life that didn't work out and how I'm still glad for all the experiences, even if things didn't turn out in the end like I planned. 

Best Country Song 
(That Makes Me Misty Eyed)
"Take Me Home, Country Roads" by John Denver 

Being a proud, native West Virginian, how could I not list my home state's unofficial state song in a "Best Of" country music list?  Honestly, this song has made misty-eyed and even made me flat out bawl one more than one occasion. It makes me think of home and all the things that I love about the mountain state, which are things that I miss dearly.

Best Country Song 
(Associated with a Childhood Memory)
"I Wouldn't Have Missed It for the World" by Ronnie Milsap

When I was seven and eight years old, I took gymnastics.  The lessons were given in a neighboring town and my parents, who were already divorced, took turns driving the 70 miles roundtrip to the gym and back every week.  My mom has never been one to listen to the radio while in the car; my dad, on the other hand, always did.  For some reason, this is the only song I remember from those car rides with my dad and for the past 35 years, whenever I've heard it, it has triggered that memory.

Best Country Song 
(That Also Makes a Great Mantra)
"Let it Go" by Zac Brown Band

Several years ago, a major change happened at my workplace that turned the life of everyone who worked there upside down.  This song, or specifically the last two lines of the chorus, became my mantra for that year.

"You keep your heart above your head and your eyes wide open
So this world can't find a way to leave you cold
And know you're not the only ship out on the ocean
Save your strength for things that you can change
Forgive the ones you can't
You gotta let it go"

Best Country Song 
(Of 2017)
"God, Your Mama, and Me" by Florida Georgia Line featuring the Backstreet Boys

As soon as I heard this song, about a month or two ago, I was incredibly touched by the simplicity and heartfelt sweetness of its message.  I think it is by far one of the prettiest songs I've heard in a long time.  Any woman who is the recipient of a song like this, is an incredibly lucky lady.

So, there  you have it - my six.  My apologies for no Waylon, Patsy, Merle, George, Willie, or Dolly.  For the record, though, the song "Forever Country," a mashup of "On the Road Again" by Willie Nelson, "I'll Always Love You" by Dolly Parton, and "Take Me Home, Country Roads", was my seventh song.  And because I like it so well and this is my blog,  after all, I've decided to include it anyway.  Here it is for your listening enjoyment.

What's a country song or two or three that would make your six best country song list?

As always, thanks for stopping by!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. I'm not a fan of country music, although I don't mind it if I hear it. I have to confess that I don't know any of the songs on your list except the one by John Denver. Maybe I need to broaden my horizons.

  2. country is not big at all at home, so i was only introduced to it by my american friend when she lived there. i got slightly obsessed with it, but definitely the newer stuff. i mean, i loved dolly parton but never considered her country because i didn't know country was a genre of music hahaha. i kinda fizzled out a couple years ago and don't love it anymore, but i still listen occasionally. can't stand most of the new stuff on the radio. KC really likes older country and i know none of it lol. i love to story of where you were when you heard that dixie chicks song. i don't know the song but that sounds like an awesome experience!

  3. ah, but see, ericka, this is exactly why i chose country songs. everybody bashes country music, but i KNOW everyone could come up with six songs that they like.

    who doesn't sing along to david allen coe's you never even called me by my name? or waylon's and willie's mamas don't let you babies grow up to be cowboys? or reba's fancy? or garth's friends in low places? for me, it was hard to limit it to six. and you'll notice, none of those songs i mentioned were on my list, because i figure everyone knows them...

  4. I love country music. George strait is the king of it, but I listen to the newer stuff on the radio. I have absolutely never liked The Dixie Chicks though. Their music always bugged me. But having a personal connection like you do with the concert makes a lot of sense.

  5. If I was blogging with any consistency at the moment, I would have definitely participated in this post. I particularly appreciate your Ronnie Milsap pick. Off the top of my head, Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground by Willie Nelson is probably my all time favorite country song. I do have a soft spot for George Strait and Garth Brooks.

  6. John Denver's wife was the woman in the "Electric Blue" video.


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