Thursday, April 4, 2019

Currently... (Vol. 38)

Enjoying...  Spring Break!  Yee-ha!

Thankful...  for the opportunity to visit my family in WV last week during the first week of my break.  While I was in, we celebrated my grandparents' 68th wedding anniversary!

Still...  walking a lot.  I walked 73 miles in March and if all goes as planned, I will walk around the same distance or more this month.

Ready...  to take a break from longer distance walking after I complete the KDF Mini Marathon on the 27th.

Loving...  these photos I found online of celebrities posing with their younger selves by Ard Gelinck.  I shared some back in February, but found these a week or two ago.

Griping and complaining...  about the fact that we had to pay a boatload of taxes this year.  Grrr....

Reading Listening to...  the audiobook Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

Watching...  Breaking Bad (again) and parts of miscellaneous NCAA basketball tournament games that R has been watching.

Playing...  too much Two Dots.  What can I say?  It's addictive. 

Dealing...  with my escape artist dog, Rascal, whom I swear is Houdini reincarnated, because she keeps finding ways to get out of my fenced-in back yard.

Admiring...  Rascal's spunk, spirit, dedication, and stick-with-it-ness.  Seriously, she's 10 years old and she had to use a lot of ingenuity to get out the last time.  Although her shenanigans are a pain in the butt, it's good to see her active.  Throughout most of this winter she refused to leave her kennel in the garage, opting to sleep all day instead of exploring her backyard kingdom.

Wishing...  Ticketmaster and the like would just go ahead and add the taxes and fees into the ticket price up front.  My $50 "cheap seat" ticket to see Phil Collins turned out to be around $70 in the end.  If they would've just gone ahead and priced them as $70, I still would've bought them, but it would've saved me the initial sticker shock and from having to do some quick mental math...

Laughing...  at this:

Agreeing...  with this:

March in a Snapshot:

1) Walking in the snow, a stunning sunrise as viewed from my school,
my pass to watch the state senators do nothing but blow smoke and banter
with each other during a "joke-of-a" legislative session.
2) Chaperoning a "Glow Party" (dance with glow sticks) with a coworker
at school, a crazy windy afternoon, attending Get On Your Feet.
3) A well-earned Oreo Blizzard after a 12 mile walk, my Granny's flowers,
hiking the Endless Wall Trail in the New River Gorge (WV) with my aunt and uncle.

What have you been up to lately?

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PS - I'm currently on a girls getaway with my BFF of 31 years celebrating our 45th birthdays.  If I don't respond promptly to your comments, that's why.  


  1. Have fun on your trip!

    73 miles is a lot to be proud of..especially two months in a row :)

    1. Thank you! We did have a good time (despite me getting sick). Hopefully our next trip will be smooth sailing. :) .

  2. Best wishes to your grandparents! Those celebrity photos are so cool :)

  3. Oh wow what a great month. Enjoy your break away too! (And the Phil Collins concert - envious of that lol)

    1. Phil Collins has been a bucket list concert for me for a while now and I was very shocked when I heard he was touring. It's in October, so I still have a ways to go yet. :)

  4. ugh taxes. don't even get my started. i love those pictures of the celebrities, so cool. i love addictive games so obviously i am going to download two dots. ugh the fees and whatnot with concerts is SO frustrating! just tell me how much it is upfront. rage.

  5. I loved those "then and now" celebrity photos, too! 😀

    I've had the Two Dots game app on my Kindle for a long time, but have never played it. I'll have to open it and check it out. 👍✨


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