Friday, May 6, 2016

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week (Vol. 22)

I took the past month off from this link-up so I could dedicate all my blogging efforts to completing the April A to Z Blogging Challenge.  I completed it last Saturday with my post Z is for Zyzzyva.  Although I don't regret participating in the challenge, for I found the experience to be very rewarding, I'm very happy that it's over because it was exhausting.  If you are curious about what a wrote about, click here.

This Google Doodle in honor of Teacher Appreciation Day/Week.  (I have a student who reminds me of the little one at the end - he has little legs and seems to run everywhere in order to catch up!  LOL!)

via Google
14 more days until this school year is in the books!

Completing the Bonus Round of Book Challenge by Erin 4.0.  Twenty books in 4 months!

Hanging out with two of my dearest and closest friends at Thurby (day racing at Churchill Downs the Thursday before the Kentucky Derby).  Although the weather was overcast and chilly and none of my horses came in, it was fun to take the day off from work and hang out with my buddies the entire day.

My newly paved driveway.  Bye bye, gravel!

For Teacher Appreciation Week, the administration at my school arranged for each team to get an hour and a half for lunch one day off campus.  Getting more than 25 minutes for lunch is awesome!  Getting to go out to eat on a work day is freakin' awesome!

Learning how to fold origami money butterflies.

Participating in the Derby horse pull at work.  I drew Mohaymen (10-1 odds).  Let's hope he comes in Win, Place, or Show!

Did I mention that I only have 14 more days until this school year is over?  Four.  Teen.  Fourteen!

Have a wonderful Derby weekend wherever you may be!


  1. I like the doodle. Though I think you overestimate your height.

    That's a huge driveway. Either teachers get paid a ton in Kentucky or real estate costs less than it does in California.

    Mohaymen, mo money!!

    1. Money on Mohaymen... We shall see!

      Now, E Man, I said nothing about the tall pencil teacher reminding me of myself. Trust me, I am WELL aware of how altitude challenged I am.

      As far as my driveway, your speculation about the real estate prices is the correct answer. LOL!

  2. Any plans for once school is over? Or up in the air?
    I was exhausted after the #AtozChallenge too. Fun but tiring. Next year if I participate it'll be scheduled posts as much as possible.

    Have a great weekend Hun!

    1. I'll make a couple of trips in to WV to visit my family. Have a girls trip to Vegas planned. That's about it. I'll do the usual stuff - deep cleaning of my house and spending time sitting on my deck with my dog.


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