Friday, April 7, 2017

F is for Fashion & Film (2017 Blogging A to Z)

When I was a teenager, I looked back on the fashions of the 1970s and laughed. I mean, all that polyester and those leisure suits - I cackled and howled!  I really thought they were hideous and wondered why how such styles could ever be so popular.

Now, as an adult, when I look back at the things I wore as a teenager, I cringe. What in the world was I thinking?  Better yet - what in the world were we as a collective group of American teenagers thinking?  Well, I once heard that the 90s were just a wasteland of bad decisions.  The fashions of 1992 is evidence to support that belief.

Without further ado, here are some of the fashion trends of 1992:

Denim overalls and shortalls 
*These were typically worn with one strap disconnected and hanging down in the back (and consequently getting hung up on everything)


Checkerboard Umbros

Neon Windbreakers

1992 saw the emergence of the Grunge movement, which brought on a lot of flannel 

...and combat boots/Doc Marten's

Interestingly enough, 1992 also saw a revival in some hippie styles from the 1960s.  Tie dye t-shirts were very popular.

Denim shorts (aka jorts)

Body Glove T-Shirts


According to iMDb, the ten highest grossing films of 1992 were (note: these are the highest U.S. grossing, not worldwide grossing):

10) A League of Their Own

9) Basic Instinct

8) Wayne's World

7) The Bodyguard

6) Sister Act

5) A Few Good Men

4) Lethal Weapon 3

3) Batman Returns

2) Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

1) Aladdin

On a personal note, I admit that I was guilty of wearing most of those foul fashions, with the exception of the grunge/flannel look and combat boots.  I never did particularly care for grunge music in general and I didn't partake in any of the fashions of that trend either.  I had both a pair of denim overalls and the denim shortalls.  Yes!  I even wore them with one strap down!  I got the loose hanging strap caught in my car door, my locker door, on my desk...  Oh, and going to the bathroom was a challenge, too!  You had to be very careful that your straps didn't take a swim in the toilet.  Wearing overalls was exhausting.

Were you a teenager in the early 1990s?  If so, what fashion fouls were  you guilty of?  C'mon, don't be shy...  

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  1. Not a teenager and my fashion was plain t-shirt and jeans about the same today lop

  2. I never care for fashion trends so I didn't follow any & I pretty much blocked out all the bad clothes I wore so...

    I saw all those films except 'basic instinct' - didn't care for that at all..

    have a lovely day.

    my F post: Fiction

  3. Ha. The fashion list isn't as bad as the movie list.

    The only one of those I wore was the flannel, over another shirt in cold weather.

    There's an ep of Sex and the City that involves the scrunchy.

  4. I never stopped wearing Doc Marten's. Haha. I have 2 pairs that are still worn. One of those pairs is probably 15 years old.
    Interestingly enough, denim shorts, overalls, and plaid shirts are back in fashion.

  5. HAHAHHAHAHAHAH! Such a great post and so annoying too :D The overalls and the hanging straps annoy me so much!
    I was born in 1991 so no I never did ANYTHING that is in the post! :D Hahahahahaha!

  6. okay. this is probably gonna make me look like an idiot, but so be it. i don't mind overalls, maybe this is because the yell leaders at a&m wear them before game days or maybe it's because my great uncles wore them a lot, but i've always liked them; i do mind the one strap dangling. i don't mind any of those other things. if i had to pick the thing i'd be least likely to wear it's the neon windbreaker, because not many look good in neon, but... dude. these trends aren't anywhere near as bad as the shit the beegees wore.


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