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H is for Home Alone 2, Hypercolor, and Hee Haw (2017 Blogging A to Z)

Welcome to my '92 Time Capsule, where I unearth artifacts and memories from a quarter century ago in alphabetical order everyday (excluding Sundays, with the exception of the 30th) during the month of April. 

Today's letter is H, so without further ado...

Home Alone 2:  Lost in New York opened on November 20, 1992.  The movie starred the original cast from Home Alone.  However, instead of taking place in the McAllister's home in suburban Chicago, the movie pitted Kevin, played by Macaulay Culkin, against the bumbling, rebranded "Sticky Bandits," portrayed by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, in the Big Apple.

Home Alone 2 became the third highest worldwide grossing movie ($358 million) and the second highest U.S. grossing movie ($173 million) of 1992.  It held the number one box-office slot in the U.S. for three consecutive weeks - November 22, 29, and December 6.


Hypercolor was a brand of clothing that was extremely popular in the early 1990s.  As the name suggests, the clothing was one color when cold and would change to another color with heat.  It was like a mood ring for your body!

There were several important things to remember if you owned a Hypercolor shirt :

1) Only wash it in cold water; washing it in warm or hot water ruined it. 
2) The shirt left evidence of other people's touching, which probably upset a lot of parents.
3) The shirt seemed to be an open invitation for unsolicited touching and sometimes breathing (ick!) from others...


In May of '92, Hee Haw, an American variety tv show that featured country music and comedy that centered around rural culture, ended its 21 year run in syndication.  For most of the series' run, the weekly show was hosted by Buck Owens and Roy Clark.

Some of the most popular recurring sketches included:

PFFT! You Was Gone
A duet where the guest singer would stand with his/her back to the audience as a cast member, typically Archie Campbell, who held a scythe, sang the verse. The guest singer would then turn around and join in the singing the chorus.

Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me!
A sketch performed by four male cast members.  The men wore hillbilly attire and held moonshine jugs.  The quartet would sing the chorus together, then each member would state the reason that he was so miserable.

Cornfield Jokes

On a personal note, I owned a Hypercolor shirt and, more often than not, due to my body heat, the shirt changed to the second color almost entirely.  The only parts of the shirt that I can recall remaining the original color were the sleeves and the bottom 4-6 inches around the hem.  People would come up to me and touch my shirt (grrr...) and nothing would happen because it was already changed.  My Hypercolor shirt always looked like it was broken...

Did you own a Hypercolor shirt?  What were your thoughts of the uber trendy garment?

As always, thanks for stopping by!  Happy Monday!


  1. I had to admit, I had actually liked home alone 2 more than the first one, mostly because there were less of kevin's family, at least it felt like it

    strange, I don't recall hypercolor shirts, guess I was not into anything that has to do trends

    I only heard about the show hee haw but I know nothing about it, just reading about it, I know it's a show I would never be a fan of

    have a lovely day.

    ~ Hair ~

    1. You are in good company! I liked Home Alone 2 better than the first. I LOVE all the NYC scenery serving as the backdrop.

      I was not a Hee Haw fan, although members of my family were.

  2. I think the mom in Home Alone is cute. Also, yes, I had a hypercolor shirt or three. We used to press our hand to it with a bird flipped to make that outline because yes, we were very mature!



    H is for Halfway There

    1. LMAO! Yes, I think I recall some classmates doing the same thing with their Hypercolor shirts! I had forgotten about that! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Luckily, I borrowed a friend's Hypercolor before actually buying one myself - and it only would change color across my shoulders & upper back and 2 circles on my front - LOL! Needless to say, I didn't buy one of my own.
    Never liked Home Alone. That kid annoyed me way too much.

  4. Never heard of hyper color shirts but used to watch hee haw all the time

  5. i can't believe that film grossed as much as it did. i do love joe pesci's character, though. he funny.

    my younger brother had a hypercolor shirt. it was bright orange. i can't remember what color it changed to (maybe it was the orange? it's so hot in texas, that's probably what it was).

    heehaw. have you ever seen texas university's band uniforms? with the godawful fringe. aggies made a great t-shirt mocking the band: there's a picture of that band playing; above it says hee-haw called; below it says they want their uniforms back. it's a beautiful thing. :]


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