Thursday, April 20, 2017

Q is for Queen, Quincentenary, & Quotes (2017 Blogging A to Z)

Welcome to my '92 Time Capsule, where I unearth artifacts and memories from a quarter century ago in alphabetical order everyday (excluding Sundays, with the exception of the 30th) during the month of April. 

Today's letter is Q, so let's get to it...

Queen's song, "Bohemian Rhapsody," which was originally released in 1975, enjoyed a revival in 1992.  Much of the renewed popularly was due to the song being featured in the wildly popular movie Wayne's World

In 1976, "Bohemian Rhapsody" peaked in the 9th position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  In 1992, it peaked at number 2 and came in at #39 on the Billboard Year-End Hot 100 chart.


1992 also marked the 500th anniversary, or quincentenary, of Columbus' first voyage and the discovery of America.  The U.S. Postal System issued a series of stamps to commemorate the occasion.


As with any year, there were certain quotes and catch phrases that defined the year.  Here are some of the more famous and commonly known quotes from '92:

There’s no crying in baseball! 
- Tom Hanks’ character in A League of Their Own

You can’t handle the truth! 
- Jack Nicholson’s character in A Few Good Men

I didn’t inhale. 
- Bill Clinton

Can’t we all just get along? 
- Rodney King

- Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World


On a personal note, I was kind of late to the Wayne's World trend.  I hadn't watched SNL when WW was a regular skit.  I'm not even sure I saw WW until it was released on VHS or maybe even HBO.  I distinctly remember "Bohemian Rhapsody" being on the radio all. the. time, though.

Are there any quotes from 1992 that you remember?  

As always, thanks for stopping by!  Have a good one!


  1. I remember the quotes though I never knew what year they came out, saw wayne's world years after its release and I remember trying to learn the words to "Bohemian Rhapsody" - it is a rather long song but really quite a sad story there.

    have a lovely day.

    ~ my Q post - Query - ask me anything~

  2. I still use the A League of their Own and A Few Good Men quotes!

  3. Ah Queen... one of my guilty pleasures. I always feel like I should apologize for liking a strange hair and spandex band from at least ten years before I was born... but at some point you just have to accept your eccentricities. I love Queen. I said it. :)

    Be open. Persevere. Question everything!

  4. Queen was great! I remember those quotes


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